Thinking Errors: Catastrophizing

"This is going to go on forever and I am going to be miserable."

Sound familiar?

It is a classic thinking error that I fall prey to on the regular (baby not sleeping, spouse playing in 4 sports leagues in one month, sink full of dishes, getting a cold sore, etc).

I am going to take [this small incident that happened] and multiply it [by 50 years] and conclude my misery [...this leads to a panic attack, tears, blame, criticism, sharp words and a zero tolerance policy of other's mistakes]. 

It is a perspective lacking perspective. Blowing up each moment as if it is permanent instead of seeing it in its rightful place:
 a moment in a string of moments, each only lasting a short time. 

CATASTROPHYZING is making small events (choices, behaviors, statements) into very large, very terrible experiences. It also includes making very large, very terrible experiences into defining moments where you condemn yourself to never "bounce back".

Catastrophyzing is a thinking error because it is not truth.

In the context of scripture, all things are possible with God, even in the face of very large, very terrible circumstances. These are opportunities to exercise your faith and choose to give your anxiety about the future to the Lord, resting in his promise to be the ultimate DOER and provider.

A good first step is recognizing when you are multiplying the negative events in your life and seeking to change that thinking habit. Stay posted for more steps toward more healthy thinking!