Military Family Private Therapy in Jacksonville

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Emily’s office is a breath of fresh air when it comes to a provider accepting insurance. There is no waiting room, receptionist or other issues that can negatively impact the therapeutic experience.

Jacksonville is a temporary home for many families who come in through service to our military. I specialize in working with teenagers who are struggling with emotional, academic and mental health issues. I also specialize in family therapy and create a space where everyone in the family can feel safe, heard and improve their ability to express their feelings.

We accept Tricare insurance, but also have the option of cash pay to avoid diagnoses, paper trails and other confidentiality issues that arise with insurance. Grief, trauma processing and adjusting to family changes due to separation or deployment are discussed. Marriage counseling is available and play therapy techniques are available for working with our youngest clients (or young at heart!). I have a heart for families who are desiring healing and working for a better relationship with each other. I know that with your hard work and my experience there is hope for your relationships to heal. Let’s chat more! Make an appointment today.