Kitchen Table Poetry Therapy Week 1

My very first post on this blog was about Acrostic Poems and how I use them in counseling.

I thought I would revisit the poetry techniques and walk you through a prompt of how you can use it from home. Let's do it!

    Find a comfortable place to sit and clear the counter space. Light a candle or make yourself a cup of fragrant tea. Find some paper and writing tool that you particularly enjoy using. Sometimes playing music in the background helps, but sometimes the quiet creates a refreshing space to think and express yourself. Now, let's begin. Write your name. Write it vertically with one letter on each line or space for a line. Start each line with that letter and use this space to describe who you are today. You could use this to describe how you are feeling, what you do, what is on your mind... all of these are ingredients of who you are. From there, spend some time reflecting on where you are in your life right now. Date it. My example: E-veryday is something new, and yet I get swamped by the repetitiveness. M-y mind is fighting itself, space for calm and watching the wind, I-deas of all the ways I could make an impact or at least some money. L-ife goes by fast and slow. Y-ou'll miss all of this one day, I tell myself as I balance monitoring wild watercoloring by a 2 year old and write.   Hope you enjoyed this week's Kitchen Table Poetry Therapy! Stay tuned for more prompts. Really do it. Pen to paper. Go! Emily