How to Not Be Awkward

How to Not Be Awkward   “How to not be awkward” is a top hit in google because it is something people have actually searched for. On google. I’ll just let that sink in… it is incredibly common to feel out of place, not know what to say, or feel like you are seen as a strange bird. Apparently, it is also incredibly common to google how to make this awkwardness go away! One remedy to this feeling of self-consciousness and anxiety is to think less of yourself and more of how to meet the needs of others. [caption id="attachment_692" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Etsy | Shopthepaintedplank[/caption] So, let’s practice! How to Not Be Awkward
  1. Get Grounded: What do you see? Hear? Feel? Who is present? How are the people you are interacting are feeling and what they are facing in life currently?
*Here you will find your ability to simultaneously think of yourself and your insecurities decreasing.
  1. Offer a Gift of Kindness: listening wholeheartedly to the people in your company. Imagine your worries about what you will say or do next coming to your mind and floating over like a cloud as you refocus on your company.
  Let’s review. The answer is to care a little less about being awkward and more about the people around you. Let your awkward flag fly high, my friend… the truth is, everyone else is focused on their own insecurities.   There is another layer of worry here. We think – am I overstepping? Am I coming across right? It is natural to have that layer of worrying that you may be offending.

And to remedy that fear is to trust your intuition, have faith that you are in this moment for a reason and accepting feedback from your audience… and that is a whole separate blog post!


I am always here to listen,