A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 14

jacksonville-marriage-counseling-encouragement-14 Who is the Holy Spirit? We have all heard stories of people waking up in the middle of the night with someone on their mind, praying for them, and then finding out that person was really struggling with something at that time. The Holy Spirit is the person that Christ left behind with us to bring us comfort and guidance. You can also think of the Holy Spirit as your conscience, to prompt you in the right direction when you are tempted to go a different way. The person to provide an "out" when you only see destructive routes ahead. In your marriage, your most sacred relationship, it is of upmost importance to allow God (the Holy Spirit) a place to speak into your life. And to respond to his involvement with an urgency. He is not going to prompt you to do things that will harm you, though they may feel like they will (if you are being prompted to be honest, for example). He might not prompt you when it is convenient or when you want to... but if you respond to his urges with obedience, there will be blessings. The Holy Spirit can speak in many ways.. 1.What do you already know?  You might know that intimacy is very important to your spouse and to the health of your relationship. When you feel a tug that you should put effort there, respond out of obedience and God will increase your faith by providing the strength and blessing your marriage. (You know that intimacy does a very limited amount of good in a dating relationship and you feel a reminder to be cautious and have good boundaries; respond fiercely. Obedience in this way will grow your faith.) 2. What have you been reading in your Bible lately or listening to that is from the Word? These words or lyrics from scripture will come to you. Sometimes when you are feeling depressed and lyrics prompt you to tell the Lord, "It is well". If you speak these words out in obedience your faith will grow. If you seek to put your spouse above you when you are reminded by scripture and you feel the love grow between you, your faith will grow. 3. Who are you friends with? The Holy Spirit can use people to speak into your life through reoccurring themes and open doors. If you are unsure of how to move you can speak to a pastor or licensed counselor that shares a similar value system. Listen and respond with all the drama, mama.