Thinking Errors: All-or-nothing

"Things have to be perfect when he gets home. The house needs to be clean. I have so much to do." (&repeat)

"My job performance review was today. I got 5/5 on most things, but they said I could improve my time management. I am so angry. How could they say that? Don't they know how much work there is?"

"If we can't go see my movie then I am not going to go."

This thinking error is all about expecting perfection from yourself, others and each moment. 

Challenging these thoughts requires you to recognize your futility. No matter how hard you try, you are only human. You may get through the day perfectly, but then be too exhausted to enjoy your perfection. 

To address All or Nothing thoughts-- 

1. Identify what you truly value and desire instead of idolizing perfection (at home, work, or other life experiences). For me that means "shift your desire to please yourself and others to pleasing the Lord, first."
3. Introduce compromise/ Establish boundaries and realistic limits. For me that means "choose three goals for the day instead of 20"!

Just like the rest of the thinking errors, the price of peace is placing the control back where it belongs- out of your hands!!! It is a slow process, but worth every effort.