What do you have going for you?

As counselors and care givers it is easy to get "stuck in the well" with our friends with broken hearts. This activity is something that can remind your friend (and yourself!) that there is hope there for them.

You start with having your friend draw a nice, big outline of a flower with petals, leaves, the ground, and roots. You can add big, tear drop shaped "rain", too! Then you walk them through identifying different parts of their support system. I have seen this called the "feel happier flower" because it is all about the activities and people in your life that help you feel happy! There is an element of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in it, as you can guide the friend to identify thoughts that make them feel happy and behaviors that improve their mood.

You could also do this with any other image, you just have to get creative. If you have someone who likes to draw jets or cartoon characters, utilize that strength and identify different areas for the different parts of their support system. 

Petals- strengths, beautiful things I can tell myself. Example: I am never alone.
Leaves- positive self statements. Example: I am smart.
Rain- coping skills. Example: Hug, Video Games, Snack, Nap.
Roots- support system. Example: Jesus, Mom, Grfa, Teacher.

Help them to see what they have going for them! Remind yourself too, that you are only an instrument in the hands of the true maker of all things right.