See How Easy It Is To Have Good Time Management

See How Easy it is to Have Good Time Management

How to manage your time: Freshman In College

There are only so many hours in a day and so many things we would like to do. It feels like when you make room for something (ie. clean eating) then something else (like, exercise) gets pushed off the table. How do you date, spend time with friends, eat healthy, expertise, sleep, get good grades and work? Go to church, bible study, counseling, and have chill time?

 Let's make your ideal week!

Fail to plan is a plan to fail

Spend 30 minutes a month drawing out your weekly schedule. This may take more time when you are first getting started. It may be helpful to explore how to do it with a counselor (call me! 904-357-0536) .

Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Schedule a time to re-vamp it as you need to. There is a LOT of time in your week. If you get your priorities written out, there is a way to live a fulfilling life.

Social media has a way of telling us what is going to fulfill us. We may think, well I need to get my starbucks because that is my happy point in my day, or I need to watch my shows because that is when I relax and laughMy experience shows me that spending time with people that love me is way more rewarding than binge watching tv. I regret the hours I have spent watching shows that never even comes to any conclusions. Then I wake dragging and impatient with the humans in my life the next day. 

Pray about it. The one who knows how we should be prioritizing our time, how we will feel energized, inspired and alive is the one who made us. Spend some time checking in with God throughout the day. If you are too busy to do that, you are too busy. Pray for God to lead you through the day and to show you how to spend your time. I ask God all the time to remind me if I get off track (ie. stuck on social media). 

Get your sleep 

Between the ages of 18-21? You need an average of 8 hours of sleep a night. Is it your habit to go to bed at 2 am? Don’t set your alarm for 8am. Block out the hours you need, but shift it to your typical rhythm. If you are a night owl, plan to sleep until 10 am. If you can't, then start training yourself to go to sleep earlier. Allow your schedule to be flexible, but make sure it is somewhat consistent throughout the week


15 minutes/day of a raised heart rate is the cheapest and healthiest form of antidepressant there is. You are paying a gym membership in your tuition (or someone is!) so use it. Go to gentle yoga or shoot the basketball around. Move your body, release tension, get endorphins and boost your energy. 

Do your reading 

Read when your syllabus says to. You are only in class an average of 15 hours a week. That’s a lot more free time then when you were in class 48 hours a week. You will have more outside of class assignments. Life will be so much easier when you complete the reading after each class instead of trying to read 200 pages to catch upSchedule the numbr of hours you will earn in your class for the number of hours per week you need to be working on that class’s assignments. 3 credit hours= 3 hours of work. If you find you don’t need that time, change your schedule! 


There are many students who have learned to study in high school but sometimes it takes a college course to push you to the books. You take notes in class, read them. 
Talk with classmates about the material. 
Dive deeper with your teacher during their office hours. 
Set time aside for these meetings.

Make time for research 

Researching in waves makes the whole process of research papers so much easier. Writing papers for classes does not happen in a vacuum. You need research to back up what you are claiming. These research papers often come at the end of the semester and can feel like you have 12 hours of work to do before the paper is due TOMORROW. So pace yourself out. Take your time finding good resources and thumbing through them. Save your work and at the end compile it and make it flow! 

Have time off 

When you schedule the work, you find that you have time left over to rest. When you don’t schedule the work, you may feel like you always need to be doing x,y,and z. You are too tired to do it now, so you push it off and you never have time that feels like it is designated for rest and down time! 
Rest is not sleep. They are different. 
Rest is being awake, but not working, not striving. 
It is when you leisurely look for beauty. 
When you sit down with a book that you can lose yourself in. 
It is playing with your make up, 
stretching on the floor while your roommate watches a movie, 
or hanging out at a park with no agenda
It is equivalent to boredom, but needs to be a part of your life. This time in between work activities is when you process problems, 
think of new ideas, 
feel your feelings and 
think about your decisions

Make a change

Check in with yourself monthly to see if the way you are spending your time is working for you. This 30 minutes of planning time is so valuable! Don't compromise on your meeting with yourself. 
Have an accountability person to create this plan with and work through stuck points. It is so helpful.

Join our group for college age girls that will be meeting weekly and help others just like you who are keeping their life full of purpose and fulfillment!

Message me if you would like to create your ideal week together!