What app can your kid not live without?


According to this infographic Youtube is the winner!

[caption id="attachment_1039" align="aligncenter" width="231"]Therapy for teenagers, therapy for families, counseling teenagers, screen time, screen addiction, youtube Do you know what is on your teen's screen?[/caption] Check out this infographic about the use of apps these days. Does your kid fall in line with these apps? Do you know what they are looking at when they have screen time? For many of my clients, their favorite app is instagram. Musicly. Snapchat. Kik. Tweens and teens have different levels of responsibility that should come into play when you are deciding what an appropriate amount of freedom is for them and their maturity. Safety is always the number one concern. Be in the know!  Send me a message with any comments or questions. I love teenagers and helping families work through boundaries!