Do You Make These Mistake With Your Son With ADHD?

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Son With ADHD?

Do you...
  • lose your temper, 
  • yell and 
  • find yourself repeating directions all day?
Parenting is a difficult job. But, parenting a son with ADHD is a task saved for God's favorites (yay you)!
Sons are special, but bring their own set of challenges for sure!
A tip: Your son is experiencing emotions in a different way. He is likely feeling
  • left out, 
  • misunderstood, 
  • confused, 
  • lost, 
  • frustrated, and
  • impatient. 
Not to leave out the good! He is likely also feeling
  • excited, 
  • enthusiastic, 
  • caring, 
  • and having a lot of empathy for those around them. 

Connecting with your son can be tricky when they are impulsive and explosive.

Kids with ADHD and a frustrated parent are a bad mix.
He is impulsive, but he is not heartless. These grown up temper tantrums you are having break his heart
It is so important for parents to be firm, but gentle. 
Adopt a parenting strategy (123 Magic, Love and Logic). 
Give your child time to recognize their annoying behavior and change it. 
This limits the number of and severity of grown up temper tantrums towards your son.
Did you know that Children with ADHD are more likely to develop alcohol and drug dependency? They also are likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. 
Every kid is different and every week, day, minute requires tuning in to their needs. 
Be open to making changes. You will not be perfect.
But, remember that they have deep feelings and a desire to be in a relationship with you
This will help you develop strategies to “get through” to them and have a great relationship.

For help walking through this with your son, call or text me at 357-0536.

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