You Don't Need to Have it All Together to Make Things Better for Your Kids

You Don't Need to Have it All Together to Make Things Better for Your Kids

Sometimes Kids are Like Cacti- Can't Touch This!


Praise them, they said. It will be easy, they said.
Our kids hear a lot of things during the day that are not exactly uplifting. If you are ahead of the parenting curve then you might put a positive spin on it. Ex: turning "Don't RUN!" into "walk please!" Or are you calling what you see, "You're so selfish." "You're so bossy." Do you say it like this? "Don't be mean." "Don't be disrespectful." Whichever way you say it... our words are powerful. And the meaning behind our words can take root deep inside our little ones. "You're so dirty!" My favorite go to (unfortunately) is "You're so CRAZY!" There is a song over Christian Radio- Speak Life.. Speak Li-ife ... If you've heard it, you will have it replay over and over in your head! As it should!
We should be their home team fans.
We get to build them up and speak over them the potential that we know they carry inside of them. We see all the things that make them strong and the things they are going to struggle with their entire lives. We have the opportunity to teach them to cope with weaknesses.
So, how?

Practical Praise 

One practical way we have incorporated this into my parenting of our soon to be 4 year old is to pray over her each night.
We thank God for her unique strengths and for the values we pray she will learn through our home life.
"Dear God, thank you for making our girl sweet, kind and thoughtful. Thank you for her joy and her good listening. I pray she will know that she can speak to you anytime and you will listen to her. We love you, Amen."