Fully and Freely

My niche is utilizing creative elements in counseling. What that means is taking the thoughts that are bouncing around in our brains like a ping-pong ball and pulling them out of my mind in the form of words or images. This externalizing of the thoughts provides distance between my soul and my mind. Just enough distance to address them, organize them and, possibly, find reconciliation with them. I loved sharing this process with three different groups of people over the last week!
Parkwood Counseling Center is my “home base” for counseling work these days. It has been a dream come true to work as an independent clinician and offer counseling to all ages and all backgrounds. Even more amazing, has been operating out of the church I grew up in and having a platform for recognizing mental illness in the faith community.
I was able to lead two workshops under the title “Joy for the Journey” and one workshop for parents, titled, “Let’s Get Practical”. They were so fun! And the participants were SO BRAVE. Being vulnerable takes courage. I am fired up about continuing to encourage Jacksonville to face the tough stuff and live life fully and freely as a result.