12 Early Signs of Phone Addiction in Your Teenager

Do you recognize these 12 early warning signs of Smartphone addiction in YOUR teen?

Worried that your son or daughter is addicted to their screen time?

Ask your teen to agree or disagree to these statements.

1. The first thing I reach for after waking in the morning is my smartphone. 
2. I sleep with my smartphone next to me in bed. 
3. I often use my smartphone when I am bored.
4. I have pretended to take calls to avoid awkward social situations. 
5. I find myself spending more and more time on my smartphone.
6. I spend more time than I should on my smartphone. 
7. I become agitated or irritable when my smartphone is out of sight
8. I have gone into a panic when I thought I lost my smartphone. 
9. I have argued with my spouse, friends or family about my cellphone use. 
10. I use my smartphone while driving
11. I have tried to curb my smartphone use, but the effort didn’t last very long. 
12. I need to reduce my smartphone use, but I am afraid I can’t do it. 
Answered “yes” to eight or more statements? Means you might need treatment.