Do What Makes You Happy

Sounds overly simplified and almost wrong... and it is simple. But simple is not always easy! And being happy is not a vain pursuit. True happiness is found by seeking God and exploring how he made you. Remembering what brought you joy as a child and reincorporating some of that into your life now as an adult. I recently came across this report that is summarizing the health benefits of love and pursuing a "wellness" in your life to combat stress and disease... Gratitude Kindness Love These are all things that should be guiding your decision making throughout the day if you are seeking to be healthy both mentally and physically. They reduce stress hormones in your body and improve your body's ability to heal itself. So what makes you happy? I have been reading (and loving!) Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray and one of the activities (there are daily creative ways to explore how God made you and connect with him! So fun!) was to create a collage of yourself as a child with yourself in the middle and the things you enjoyed doing surrounding yourself like petals. I was able to take myself back to the joys of my childhood. I loved art! And food. Recently I was able to jump in and do some face painting at a Butterfly Release  and it brought me so much joy. I was able to find that "flow" and time went by so quickly. What are some ways you can incorporate what makes you happy in your life? Choose joy! It's good for you. Emily