How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

How long do you think this will take? It is a great question and should be asked more frequently than it is! The good news is that you have already started by the time you are in my office for the first session and asking this question. The slightly-dissapointing-because-there-is-no-magic-wand answer is... I generally ask my clients to commit to a weekly session for a month and then continue to meet weekly or expand time between sessions to biweekly from there. After 6 sessions or so, we have created a great foundation and you should be experience relief from the symptoms that initially brought you into counseling. Each client has different needs and our work may include short breaks in between necessary sessions or continue regularly depending on your goals and progress. So, there will be progress made for most people and circumstances within two months! Perfection takes a lifetime... or maybe that is not what it is all about in the end :) Call to schedule an appointment for yourself today at 904-357-0536 or email at .