What to Expect in Counseling

I love working with teens and their families. It is helpful to have a glimpse into what that work looks like in my office. Counseling looks different with different clients/populations, be it individual, couples or family. Here is a glimpse into what to expect out of counseling when you come as a family with your teenager. In working with teens and families, one of the main focuses will be on the quality of the relationship between your teenager and the adults in their life. This includes, but is not limited to, communication skills, identity formation, distress tolerance and self compassion. This process includes both the teenager and the adults in their life. We may alternate between sessions with just your child and then as a family or work out another pattern, but the parents will have an involved role in the child’s therapy experience. Our goal is to create an environment when your teenager and you as the parents are safe sharing your current experience and are supported as you make efforts toward improving your current reality. You can expect ample time and space to share what may have come up between sessions, what you are struggling with as we practice new skills and what may be causing some hesitation in your progress. You can expect to be coached through specific communication skills with feedback and role play, have concepts described both visually and verbally and then explored further through experiential practices of guided relaxation, art expressions or assigned work outside of our time together. You can expect some education on how our brain works and what happens to our bodies during anxiety or trauma. Our time together will create bridges and heal hurt places that may be part of why your teenager is lacking motivation, disconnected from you and experiencing emotional pain. It is not an easy process, but you can expect progress. Call to schedule an appointment for yourself today at 904-357-0536 or email at emilykateyi@gmail.com .