Introducing Tips from a Teacher

Tips From Teacher During the month of March, you are going to meet Katie and get to know her amazing ability to help students 4-4th grade regulate their emotions. She is an art/science teacher, here in Jacksonville, FL, at KIPP VOICE Elementary School. Katie hosts 7 classes (of about 25 students) each day. She sees the entire school body in the week and some of the students twice. Her experience in helping children regulate their emotions spans from 5 year olds in their first year experience of kindergarten to 9 years olds in 4th grade. She has experience in both rural and urban school placements. I asked if she would share some first hand experience of what works in the classroom to help her students regulate their emotions. We got to chatting and her interview was FULL of golden nuggets that you will get to read in 5 separate blog posts on Wednesdays in March. I hope you will stay tuned or click through them in their entirety when they are all published. She is a rockstar! Thank you, Katie, for sharing what you know with all of us.  Emily