How to Remain Humble and Kind Through Hard Times

How to Remain Humble and Kind Through the Hard Times   I am no expert at humility and kindness. If you know me you know that I am confident to a fault (hello, pride) and I have a weakness of making jokes at others’ expense. I have a heart, however, to show up for people who are going through hard times. This is more cut and dry in the counseling office and way more sticky in the world outside of set appointments at my office. There are times when I feel other’s emotional pain like a real ache in my chest. I am also a FIXER. Can I get an amen? So learning to show up and not provide a cure or an answer is a lesson that is currently being learned. I so appreciate my friends who are gracious to me as I try to be there for them and fumble through the process hopelessly. Just today, I was visiting with a friend that is working through a great life transition and grieving her father at the same time. I blurted out some words in a joking tone… and immediately regretted my words and apologized. And she was so kind toward me… offering me a pardon and dismissing my apologies. As we talk about the power of humility and kindness, I have just been reflecting on how that power is amplified when you are in a compromised state or when your life is obviously not going smoothly. People are watching you. They are expecting grouchiness, irritability, moodiness, and sadness. At those toughest parts of your journey, you have every excuse in the book to wave your needy flag around! But isn’t it a miracle when those who are hurting are able to offer kindness and continue to be humble? Recognizing our humanity and humbling ourselves to continue to seek an attitude of gratitude and look for blessings can never hurt. Looking for ways to be kind to others and bless them gives our days, even our painful days, purpose. I hope this post makes you think of someone you have admired as they sailed rough waters and prompts you to tell them how much their character has impacted you. My prayer is we will be given grace to travel our own rough waters with such humility and kindness. What I’m ReadingJust Show Up: Just Show Up By Kara Tippets and Jill Lynn Buteyn Ps. This book is a page TURNER. It is an easy read. Written between a woman who is battling cancer and her friend who is learning to show up, journal entry style. Simple and profound. I hope you will check it out! And if you need me, I'm here to listen, Emily