A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 16

best-friends   This was a such a sweet take away for me at the time when we attended the marriage conference. I was in a place - new mom to a 4 month old, breast feeding, getting a private practice off the ground, and getting used to being home most days, surrounded by the housework that I was trying not to worry about. I was often obsessed with fantasies of escaping my tower and teleporting to the heavily Starbucks scented oasis down the street and do a whole lot of kickin' it. But who would come with me? I was in between friend groups, having just left my full time position with my "ride or die's" and getting to know new mommy friends. I would end my thoughts bummed out, that I had no best friend that would likely be able to escape and teleport to Starbucks oasis at the same time as me! And then. this. happened. Eric is my best friend. Eric can escape with me! (Hello! Perks of both parents living in town.) and while I love watching football with him and watching him design his character on basketball video games, where he has to turn his head a perfect 180 degrees at least 40 times to get an oar like resemblance of him... but doing something I love? Like a whole lot of nothing with glorified coffee drinks and munchies? Feel my soul, Lord! So we made it happen. Don't forget your husband in your list of "who could go with me"... In your season, he may be one of 1000 or he may be your one and only. But what a gift he is! Enjoy him.