A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 13

jacksonville-marriage-counseling-encouragement-13 How good are you at acting? This is where your drama course skills need to come into play in marriage. Fake it 'till you make it is a real thing. Because I life football and basketball; however, when the game starts at 9pm and I have been up since 6am with a 2 year old telling me, "no" several times an hour... sitting down to watch the game with my husband who is beyond himself is like 7372200 on the list of things I'd like to do with that time. But, it is important to him to have that time to relax. It is important to him to have his best friend with him and someone to enjoy life with. It is important to our marriage for me to make what is important to him, important to me. And this goes both ways! Believe-you-me I remind him. Because my kinda music is not his kinda music... and I like to do dorky things like go to coffee shops and read. When he makes these things feel like fun for him, it boosts my whole day. I feel loved, liked and all the feelings- because he is PRETENDING to like what I like. I do not care that he is faking it. It is all about the effort. Is it important to them to be on time? Is it important to them to have awesome food? If you can't beat them... join them... or maybe don't even try to beat them at this game because then you both lose. Just join them and make your marriage stronger because of it. Tell them your secret later... and hopefully they will get to acting, too :)