A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 9

Jacksonville Marriage Counseling Encouragement #9 They must not have been the right one. Why do you drive me so crazy? Do you do it on purpose? They are just not meeting my needs. These are all statements that we hear in therapy from people struggling in their marriage or after divorce. The deep and difficult question is truly- what do you need? And the answer is that often, we don't know! (Or we believe that we need to be happy. God's desire is for us to be holy. ) What we do know is that God is good to those who love him and he desires for us to become more like him. We can trust him. He designed marriage and he designed our spouse... even if just as heavenly sandpaper. (*I always think of abusive relationships when I go to make a blanket statement about remaining in a marriage. Please seek counseling if you have any doubts! That is what professional counselors and therapists are there for... to help us maneuver through the grey areas in life. Abuse should not be tolerated.) Iron sharpens iron. Your spouse is likely exactly what you need. Not to make you happy, but to make you more Christ like and help you become better; however, it is your choice. Will you choose to accept them as a gift to you from God?