A Counselor at a Marriage Conference: Lesson 2

Jacksonville Marriage Counseling Encouragement #2 The amount of grief in the lives of my friends and my clients is heavy. If you allowed the people that gather in your office, church or school to one-by-one list five hurts they are dealing with currently, you and everyone in the room would be weeping when the sharing was finished. Life is hard. Why do we expect things to be easy? I don't know- but I fall into the trap sometimes myself... and marriage is no exception. Let's not even talk about parenting! Ha! There are many scriptures that urge us to "be on guard" and "watch out for the evil one". There is an enemy out there that is looking to trip you up and shut your marriage down. Let's be prepared and know who our enemy is... (we will come back to that a little later). But use a little "defensive pessimism" and be ready for what is coming- a little bit of difficulty (or a lot)!