Power Cards: For Those Who Need Powerful Reminders in the Panic

I learned about this amazing new creative task that can be utilized in the counseling session- but also done solo at the kitchen table. 1. What are your current weaknesses are mentally and how do you notice the impact physically or relationally? Where are you making thinking errors or where are you forgetting to implement deep breathing? What makes you angry? 2. What images are empowering to you. Who or what inspires you? Professional Power Card The example that I was able to jive with the most was a professional basketball player taking a deep breath at the free-throw line. The message to myself is that he is a PROFESSIONAL athlete, making the big bucks. He uses deep breathing to get the job done. He has nerves and racing heart beat and a deep breath grounds him and focuses him to be able to be precise. Why am I not doing this more? 3. Add verbiage to remind you of your goal and print phone-size to slide it right in there to have with you at all times. This is a great tool and visual to use in the classroom or at work. The process of browsing the web with your teens helps you with finding out the answers to the first two questions along with a lot more information about the teen you are working with- or yourself! Have fun !!