Fresh Way To Learn a Child's World

show me your worldedited  


  • Plastic bin
  • play sand
  • figurines- bad, good, lovely, animal, object, person, fictional, and purposeful.
*This is an adaptation of sandplay therapy- which I have been exposed to in several trainings, but am not certified in! I LOVE the creative, open ended element and utilize the play as a language for the client. I depend on their interpretation of the play and take note on themes, like aggression, loss, jealousy, and sneaky behavior. I observe their expressions and developmental stages. Often I am able to glean their ability to grasp the figurative type play or imaginative capabilities. There is a wealth of information when you ask them to...

Show me your world! Pick a figuring that is you and each person in your family. Show me how they live together...

You can read more about how I use this intervention in their post From earlier in the blog!