Who Is This Person With This Wild Behavior?

eabb078427a0df235eb3324dd854f6d8 One of my favorite parts of being a clinical social worker is learning the ins and outs of who my clients are beyond their presenting symptoms. I immediately know (from who referred them or the exacerbated parent) that the client may be extremely moody, aggressive or hurting themselves.

But then, like peeling an onion, I am entrusted with stories of their home life, their scraped knees, broken hearts and the adults that they have been in relationships with. It speaks to the quote, "Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". It also speaks to the incredible resiliency of children and the strengths each of us have as individuals.

The most beautiful people are often ensnared with some wild behavior. You have to take hold of the truth that "different does not mean wrong." Different is what makes the world beautiful. Ask yourself and be open to the possibilities: who is this person with this wild behavior?

*I also love love love to empower teachers, administrators and parents with boundaries for this wild behavior. Just because this person is beautiful and worthy of love does not mean you are not worthy of safety. Take good care of yourself so you can be available to help your loved ones and many more!