[Self Assessment] Loaded Question Broken Down Into 7 Great Temperature Gauges

LaraCasey_204_iPhone When your brain is full and life is complex ... someone is bound to ask, How are you? And they will be friendly, good intentioned, genuinely wanting to know. Where do you start? I pulled these from Lara Casey's Powersheets. Each month I answer these questions before creating my goals for the month/weeks/days ahead. I encourage you to try it from your kitchen table and tap into all of the areas of "you". How are you? Let's break that loaded question down.
  1. How are you feeling about your physical space?
  2. How are you financially?
  3. How do you feel physically?
  4. How are your relationships?
  5. How is your relationship with God?
  6. How is your work?
  7. How are you feeling about your creative passions/gifts/talents? Are you using them?
Fully assess how you are doing and then take good care of yourself. If you are struggling, consider reaching out to a professional counselor to process some of your current stressors. Today could be the day that everything changes for the better!

"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something!"