What To Do When You Hate Your Job

[caption id="attachment_310" align="alignleft" width="300"]Parkwood Counseling Center 905-725-2500x115 Parkwood Counseling Center 905-725-2500x115[/caption] I had a job that I was miserable at right before I began working at the counseling center. And I almost don't like to see that written out because I believe my former place of employment does a LOT of good! I loved many of my co-workers and clients, but the lack of work-life balance and the rigidity of government funded counseling was killing me. I was working long days in a fast paced environment. My experience turned into something positive because it gave me the push I needed to start the Counseling Center and be able to work out my own schedule, but it is still fresh in my mind how being stuck in a job you are miserable at can be downright depressing and consuming. (Read the next blog on lessons learned during this season!) I accumulated some strategies for coping with a miserable job that really helped me, and I hope you can find these helpful as well! WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU HATE YOUR JOB: Be careful little mouth what you say Focusing on what you hate your job and replaying everything that frustrates you is a way to increase your feelings of hopelessness and misery. It is also painful for friends and family who have no control to watch you suffer in this repetitive way. Besides feeling better that a co-worker is just as miserable as you are... there are very few positive things that come from venting at work. & The walls have ears. Do some soul searching Why exactly do you hate it? Is there any small or large changes that could be discussed with your boss or co-workers that would alleviate some of the misery? Often, employers are aware of the discontent and are also looking for ways to retain employees. Be a part of that conversation. Get some perspective Perspective is a huge game changer. Things could be worse. Gratitude goes a long way. It is not to say that you do not have good reason to be miserable or you should stuck in up and stay in your current position, but considering a perspective change could alter your day and life is only full of one day at a time. Make a list of 5 things you are thankful for each day. Dwell on what is good and true There are always positives that keep us from walking out the door. Maybe it is your work-bestie or the paycheck itself. I made some of my best friends in my miserable work situation. There is always a silver lining. Don't fail to see it! Utilize perks of the job Don't skip lunch or other breaks offered to you throughout the day. Do not work tirelessly in effort to make an impossible task seem doable. Take the break, go for a walk, use your paid time off in order to stay energized and able to problem solve effectively. Leave work at work Leave your misery with work at work. You can be happy outside of the office! Use that time to live the life you love. Life is too short to stew the rest of your day. Look around for other jobs Sometimes just looking at other jobs and knowing you are valuable is enough to build your confidence in your ability to handle the one you are in currently. But you are ready for a change- take action! You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living. Looking for that occupation is not accepting defeat. In the meantime, try to use the steps above this to manage your situation while you look. If you are anything like me you tried these coping skills again and again, but just became more and more miserable. Stay tuned for the lessons I learned through that difficult season and maybe what was missing in the mix!! Do you have or have you ever had a job you hated? What were some of the ways you got through the days??