What I'm Reading | Boundaries

Let me introduce you to a life-changing-oh-that's-exactly-it book! b8cc89ef123bfa0099776aff53a40664 These pages just fire me up with words that breath new life into my lungs. (I first read it during college with my 203 roomies, love of love them!) We all struggle with wanting to control others and wanting to keep ourselves under control- and this book urges us to be in RELATIONSHIP with each other and with God. I will probably point back to this book over and over again, but here's my first shout out- get your copy!! And a quote that is particularly meaningful to me today! "You will be amazed how much can change in your life when you finally begin to let go of what you can never have. All of your attempts to preserve the old life were taking a lot of energy and opening you up to a lot of abuse and control. Letting go is the way to serenity. Grief is the path."- P. 261 Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend. Boundaries Quote 2