Cards for Kids

Some moms need help tapping into their nurturing side. They have experienced hurt in their own lives and/or are drowning in the responsibility of caring for someone else, let alone nurturing them. I engage these mothers in making cards for their children. I recommend they write 3 to 5 reasons why they love their child, draw a picture of them with their child, write the child's name and write I love you. Are all of us "fixers" on the inside or just me? I will often see a broken relationship between parent and child and jump to addressing the bad behavior. Parents and children respond to this activity in BIG ways. It reminds me that "love covers a multitude of sins". Now, being a mom myself, I could definitely see the benefit of a third party slowing me down from my list of duties and my sheer exhaustion, handing me a blank sheet of paper and some markers and pointing me to reflect on the love (so much) that I have for my child.
I'm going to go make a card now!!!