Scribble Starter

Warm up to therapy. Engage the unconscience. Bring to light things that the Cl may not have insight into. Start conversation.
You can use all kinds of art materials in the exercise, or limit your client to just paper and an ink pen. You can use a 2x2 square or a very large canvas. Use whatever is accessible and poses a fun challenge to your client. Instruct your client to scribble for 1 or 2 seconds. Use curves, straight lines, circles or shapes. Then come back to the drawing and create an image. The creation can be real or imaginary. My examples are concrete images, but they do not have to be. Engage the client in sharing about their drawing. This is great as a "warm up" exercise to any art activity. Remind your client that there is no "right or wrong way" and utilize unconditional positive regard to help your Cl's mood improve and relaxation begin.