Mindfulness: Fruit

"Guess what???
You don't have to face yesterday, five minutes from now or next year.

Only be in this moment. You can handle it.

This moment is going to be pleasant, but I want you to come in with a critical pallet. Use all of your senses.
I'll ask you to close your eyes and hold out your hand while I place a series of objects in your hand, one at a time. When you receive the object, feel free to maneuver it in your hand, hold it up to your nose. Notice your body's reaction. Notice any salivating or urges. Place the object in your mouth and hold it there without chewing. Notice taste. Chew slowly, maybe 30 times, and observe your body's response."

Ideas for food: Strawberries, almonds, a marsh mellow, and a pretzel.

This is a fun exercise to do with Children and Adults to teach mindfulness eating which can be extremely useful to develop a healthy mindset toward meal times.