Baby Steps, People!

We don't like change. We don't change easily. Everything worth anything takes time.

I illustrate this in a painstaking, they probably want to kill me, kind of way!

I stand up and start shuffling my feet toward a specific marker in the room. I explain that they have been making progress by complying with recommendations and changing "X, Y, and Z". I physically move so slowly that it would take me a full five minutes to cross 10 feet if I finished it out. I explain that we would LOVE to have a magic wand to help them speed walk to their goal, but we don't. And I commend them for positive steps in the right direction! They are way ahead of the game for even thinking about changing! Sometimes I stop halfway through and just resume the session, other times I jump ahead to the marker and engage them in dreaming about themselves reaching their goal! Use it however you see fit in your work with people in your life!

Remember that you are changing and growing, too, in your ability to work with others. Do not rush it. Quality heart and life change takes time.