Mind Games: The Shrinking Gun

If you find yourself with a child that has an amazing imagination and is facing some tough stuff in life, this intervention can really bring hope.

I lead into it with something like this: Close your eyes and imagine that monster again. You know, the one who is "Divorce". Remember what he smells like, looks like, feels like, and remember how he makes you feel. Now, I am going to hand you a Shrinking Gun. This gun is super powerful. You just aim the gun at the nasty monster and shrink him down, slowly. Make him about the size of an action figure. I'm going to give you a box that you can catch him in, he is just only as fast a turtle, so you won't have trouble. Then duct tape the box up real tight. Pick up the shrinking gun again and this time ZAP the whole package to the size of a quarter and put him in your pocket. You aren't going to let that monster ruin your day. Think about where you are right now. How it smells, looks and makes you feel. You are safe in here with me and we are going to play a game and have fun. Open your eyes!

It is a fun way to teach them to use their imagination to get their power back over these overwhelming feelings. There are many elements of guided imagery, mindfulness and gentle reprocessing mixed in. I'm not claiming that it will work with every kid, but I have seen some imaginations really take this tool and use it to help them break free from dark places. Keep it tucked away for a good opportunity! Try it yourself when you face a monster.