Collages- Dream Board

As was mentioned early in the blog, cultivating creativity means saying YES!
A dream board is the perfect opportunity to help cultivate creativity in your client. Cultivating creativity is synonymous with giving your client their power back, building their self confidence, and helping them develop their identity. All of these are important for the healthy development of children and adolescents. They are very applicable to adults who experienced trauma in childhood or adolescent years and, as a result, developmentally identify with the age they were during the trauma they have not processed.

Identify what you like. Identify your dreams. For goodness sake, let yourself dream. Deny yourself nothing. Cut, paste, construe this and that. Draw, write words. Identify what it would be like "if it all worked out". Play music that is inspiring. Write lyrics that intrigue you.

It is a great intervention for goal oriented treatment. Use it as a starting point, midterm review and graduation session. The only way to get to your goals is to know what they are! Say Yes.