Getting Started and Perfectionism

So are you a perfectionist? If you were to ask me where I fall on a perfectionism spectrum, I would say that I am not a perfectionist. I love getting projects started. I will start a different one in every nook and cranny in my house. I run with passion and burn out about the time it doesn't look like...[ read more ]

Brave New World- Amanda Cook Solo Album

In the into video for this new solo album, the artist uses words that embody a lot of what I desire so badly to pass on to clients struggling with shame, guilt and identity formation. She says creating this album became a place for her to “Ask big questions- wrestle with what I’ve been told are answers and find peace within...[ read more ]

Fully and Freely

My niche is utilizing creative elements in counseling. What that means is taking the thoughts that are bouncing around in our brains like a ping-pong ball and pulling them out of my mind in the form of words or images. This externalizing of the thoughts provides distance between my soul and my mind. Just enough distance to address them, organize...[ read more ]

Who Else Wants a Teenager With Strong Self Esteem?

Who Else Wants a Teenager With Strong Self Esteem? [caption id="attachment_945" align="aligncenter" width="750"] A teen who knows themselves is such a delight![/caption]   1. Understand "Identity Formation versus Role Confusion". This is the stage of development for ages 13-18.   2. Your teenager is not a mini-me. Reality is that your teenager is a person with their own ideas and...[ read more ]

April’s Blog Series! For Dreamers

Spring Weeding Soul Feeding The purpose of this series is to remind people who are chasing their dreams that difficult seasons are often the speed bump before the highway. It is to encourage dream chasers to keep their eyes on the hope of success, keep their feet on truth and keep their identity in Christ. This is a call to visonaries...[ read more ]

Follow March Recharge on Facebook!

Follow March Recharge the Challenge on Facebook! The purpose of this challenge is to encourage women to make their well being a priority. How easy is it to feel overburdened and become bitter without ever verbalizing the need for or initiating the scheduling of time for yourself?? So let's make it happen! [caption id="attachment_334" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Planning March Recharge[/caption] Here...[ read more ]

Introducing… March Recharge!!!

[caption id="attachment_326" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Emily Yi, LCSW 725-2500x115[/caption] The purpose of "March Recharge" is to encourage women, men, couples and friends to create space... -to breathe and connect with God. -to check in on how they are feeling in the midst of the crazy. -to ask for time alone. -to intentionally use what time they have to Recharge and -to...[ read more ]

Boundaries in Dating- Real finds Real

"As a general principal, honesty finds honesty. The more honest you are, the greater the chance of finding truthfulness in others." Oh- this is the desire of my heart! That I will accumulate a tribe of friends, clients, children, spouses and church family that is REAL with themselves and each other. Vulnerability is hard. But when we speak our true...[ read more ]

Boundaries in Dating- Break it off and Shake it off. Don’t fake it!

"There fore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body- Ephesians 4:25. It is one thing to have loved and lost. it is another thing to have loved and been lied to." "...As soon as someone is sure that dating is not going where another person thinks...[ read more ]

Boundaries in Dating – Deception should cause a Halt!

"As soon as there is any kind of deception, stop everything. Where there is deception there is no relationship." This is such a hard thing to live out! But it is so true. Accountability keeps us in REALITY. When we deceive ourselves or others, we are not in reality with them- and everything has to stop and be re-evaluated. This...[ read more ]

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