4 Ways to Stop Anxiety In It’s Tracks!

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What's the Best Game Plan For My Teen With Anxiety? [caption id="attachment_1070" align="aligncenter" width="750"] I want to see my teenagers free from anxiety![/caption]   Teenager has anxiety! How Do I Help? Phew! This is a big one. Anxiety is tough. Let’s break it down. Check on their physical health Are they ill? Are they drinking too much coffee? The building...[ read more ]

Maybe You Don’t Know Me… Hi.

Teen Girl Counseling Young Adult Self Confidence

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="aligncenter" width="750"] I'd add, "so". "You are SO loved."[/caption] My Story of Teenage Life Time is interesting. So many days have passed since my high school experience, yet I can close my eyes and feel the memories like it was yesterday. I remember the urgent feeling on a summer day to start calling around for available and willing...[ read more ]

2 Remedies for Mild Anxiety

A day in the life of a mom with a two year old, private practice, marriage and home. I’ll just fast forward the details and say that by the middle of the day (if not sooner) I am thinking, “how am I going to get it all done?” Now, I am a doer for the most part and love proving...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 10

Myth: The tough times make us strong because we figure out how strong we are during them Truth: Tough times cause serious damage to our psyche and are not what God had in mind when he created us. Tough times are because of sin. Abuse, miscommunication, death and hurt are all results of brokenness in the world. A lot of...[ read more ]

Power Cards: For Those Who Need Powerful Reminders in the Panic

I learned about this amazing new creative task that can be utilized in the counseling session- but also done solo at the kitchen table. 1. What are your current weaknesses are mentally and how do you notice the impact physically or relationally? Where are you making thinking errors or where are you forgetting to implement deep breathing? What makes you...[ read more ]

Thinking Errors: Disqualifying the Positive

Ready to disqualify all of your positive attributes and focus on your flaws? Annual Performance Review time at work!  AKA  "Let us tell you everything you are doing right along with exactly 2.5 criticisms and leave you to your self-destructive misery."  Sound familiar? (I think every management team reads a book on this equation.) This thinking error is SO easy to...[ read more ]

Thinking Errors: Blaming

If I could have studied more I would have done better. If you weren't talking to me, I would not have gotten into an accident.  I'm so stupid not to know that he was going to do this again! And then there is the one we don't say out loud, but feel if we are being honest: I'm to blame...[ read more ]

Thinking Errors: All-or-nothing

"Things have to be perfect when he gets home. The house needs to be clean. I have so much to do." (&repeat) "My job performance review was today. I got 5/5 on most things, but they said I could improve my time management. I am so angry. How could they say that? Don't they know how much work there is?"...[ read more ]

Thinking Errors: Strict Expectations

"I should be able to get all of the housework done by Tuesday now, since I am a stay at home mom and don't work." "You should come check on me when I have been taking care of the baby for a while." "I should have known." Try and hide it all you want- but it is evident in your tone, facial expression,...[ read more ]

Thinking Errors: Overgeneralization

"You always throw things back in my face." "You never ask me how I'm doing." "My car is never going to get washed." "I never think before I speak." "I always embarrass myself." Even though we may feel that these "always" and "never" statements are really true... They are "never" completely true. See what I did there? Are you going...[ read more ]

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