Create a Mask

Creating masks can be a great tangible exercise to supplement many themes in therapy including, but not limited to: identity formation, self acceptance, self esteem, exploring defense mechanisms, exploring emotions, learning emotive vocabulary, identifying others' emotions based on body language, and role play. At my agency, we have a stocked art closet. This was a major pull for me and...[ read more ]

Journaling- Creating a Habit

A habit takes a while to create. Anger comes and goes. How do we keep the kids interested in journaling when the crisis has passed? Once they learn to use their coping skills, they might tuck journaling away for a "crisis only". However, I ask most of my clients who are skilled in penmanship and verbalizing feelings to engaging in...[ read more ]

Collages- Inside/Outside

How do you see yourself? How do others see you? This may take effort by reaching out to find out how others see you. The goal is to help solidify identity, determine strengths and weaknesses, identify what one might keep hidden inside, dispel fear, increase self acceptance and encourage transparency. This is done best when your client is able to...[ read more ]

Experience: Let Go of Shame

This intervention is very helpful with adults and teenagers. Hand out a sheet of blank paper. Have the client fold the paper in half. Have the client, in 5 or 6 sentences, describe the event and how they feel about it. On the other half of the paper, write what they can take from the event, what they would do...[ read more ]

Poetry- A-Z Lyrics

I usually start this conversation with some education on the definition of the word "identify". We talk about how you can identify with something outrageous without agreeing with it in its entirety or claiming to have experienced it exactly. I encourage them to bring in lyrics of three songs they strongly identify with. This eliminates the embarrassment of an extremely,...[ read more ]

Poetry – Sensory Poems

I find sensory poems are a wonderful technique for CBT. They are worth a wirl if you have never tried them! The Cl identifies the emotion that is most troublesome to them. The Client uses that emotion to complete the following sentences. I will give the example using the word "Apathetic". The prompt is in black and my example is...[ read more ]

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