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Teen Girl Counseling Young Adult Self Confidence

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="aligncenter" width="750"] I'd add, "so". "You are SO loved."[/caption] My Story of Teenage Life Time is interesting. So many days have passed since my high school experience, yet I can close my eyes and feel the memories like it was yesterday. I remember the urgent feeling on a summer day to start calling around for available and willing...[ read more ]

Do What Makes You Happy

Sounds overly simplified and almost wrong... and it is simple. But simple is not always easy! And being happy is not a vain pursuit. True happiness is found by seeking God and exploring how he made you. Remembering what brought you joy as a child and reincorporating some of that into your life now as an adult. I recently came...[ read more ]

Kitchen Table Poetry Therapy Week 2

I wrote this original post years ago, but the tool that I described is still very present in my work with clients who are dealing with negative emotions. These poems are called sensory poems because you use your 5 senses to write them. It is a way to fully engage your imagination and practice mindfulness with your emotions, even if especially if...[ read more ]

How to Help Kids Relax

Here are some of the go-to's and hottest trends in relaxation techniques for kids 1-99. Latest research in secular world is acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness + self compassion. There are also tremendous benefits from your faith and belonging to a faith community. A place to get away and compose themselves. Katie, from Tips from a Teacher, mentions Chillville. Here are some...[ read more ]

How to Not Be Awkward

  “How to not be awkward” is a top hit in google because it is something people have actually searched for. On google. I’ll just let that sink in… it is incredibly common to feel out of place, not know what to say, or feel like you are seen as a strange bird. Apparently, it is also incredibly common to...[ read more ]

2 Remedies for Mild Anxiety

A day in the life of a mom with a two year old, private practice, marriage and home. I’ll just fast forward the details and say that by the middle of the day (if not sooner) I am thinking, “how am I going to get it all done?” Now, I am a doer for the most part and love proving...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 10

Myth: The tough times make us strong because we figure out how strong we are during them Truth: Tough times cause serious damage to our psyche and are not what God had in mind when he created us. Tough times are because of sin. Abuse, miscommunication, death and hurt are all results of brokenness in the world. A lot of...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference: Lesson 3

How often do you get swept away by desire for what you want? The goal is gratefulness for what we have. But this is very counter cultural these days. Pinterest, Facebook, Pottery Barn... they are all working against our desire to be content. "Have a body you are proud of!" "Build the laundry room of your dreams!" "Love your Husband...[ read more ]

Follow March Recharge on Facebook!

Follow March Recharge the Challenge on Facebook! The purpose of this challenge is to encourage women to make their well being a priority. How easy is it to feel overburdened and become bitter without ever verbalizing the need for or initiating the scheduling of time for yourself?? So let's make it happen! [caption id="attachment_334" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Planning March Recharge[/caption] Here...[ read more ]

What do you have going for you?

As counselors and care givers it is easy to get "stuck in the well" with our friends with broken hearts. This activity is something that can remind your friend (and yourself!) that there is hope there for them. You start with having your friend draw a nice, big outline of a flower with petals, leaves, the ground, and roots. You...[ read more ]

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