4 Ways to Stop Anxiety In It’s Tracks!

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What's the Best Game Plan For My Teen With Anxiety? [caption id="attachment_1070" align="aligncenter" width="750"] I want to see my teenagers free from anxiety![/caption]   Teenager has anxiety! How Do I Help? Phew! This is a big one. Anxiety is tough. Let’s break it down. Check on their physical health Are they ill? Are they drinking too much coffee? The building...[ read more ]

Kitchen Table Poetry Therapy Week 2

I wrote this original post years ago, but the tool that I described is still very present in my work with clients who are dealing with negative emotions. These poems are called sensory poems because you use your 5 senses to write them. It is a way to fully engage your imagination and practice mindfulness with your emotions, even if especially if...[ read more ]

Tips from a Teacher: Prevention over Intervention

Prevention over Intervention is a go to mantra for work with children who have explosive responses to change and stress. Create a routine that meets their needs for rest, water, food and stimulation (physical and mental). This looks different for every child. Have a routine discipline strategy that you utilize when you need to pull the adult card and train...[ read more ]

123 Magic and Emotional Regulation

We just recently started our second free workshop series on the 123 Magic positive discipline technique. I was excited by the space the technique allows for the child to really LEARN to regulate themselves. Here is a peak into how it works... When you are utilizing the counting strategy that 123 Magic teaches, and doing it by-the-book, it sounds like:...[ read more ]

How to Help Kids Relax

Here are some of the go-to's and hottest trends in relaxation techniques for kids 1-99. Latest research in secular world is acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness + self compassion. There are also tremendous benefits from your faith and belonging to a faith community. A place to get away and compose themselves. Katie, from Tips from a Teacher, mentions Chillville. Here are some...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference: Lesson 3

How often do you get swept away by desire for what you want? The goal is gratefulness for what we have. But this is very counter cultural these days. Pinterest, Facebook, Pottery Barn... they are all working against our desire to be content. "Have a body you are proud of!" "Build the laundry room of your dreams!" "Love your Husband...[ read more ]

Power Cards: For Those Who Need Powerful Reminders in the Panic

I learned about this amazing new creative task that can be utilized in the counseling session- but also done solo at the kitchen table. 1. What are your current weaknesses are mentally and how do you notice the impact physically or relationally? Where are you making thinking errors or where are you forgetting to implement deep breathing? What makes you...[ read more ]

Deep Breathing and Water Colors

This is a relaxation technique that engages activity, visual elements and auditory elements. Once you have taught and practiced deep breathing and muscle relaxation, this is fun next step to visualize the breaths. It can be used to teach a client further relaxation skills to use in their home or school environment, or it can be used in session as...[ read more ]

Stuffing It In

This is a great tangible example of what happens when we ignore our negative emotions as a means of coping. I use this with kids who have angry outbursts or who have difficulty engaging in treatment and talking about their negative emotions, but love using art materials. Engage client in writing down experience and/or depicting all of the emotions through...[ read more ]

Create a Mask

Creating masks can be a great tangible exercise to supplement many themes in therapy including, but not limited to: identity formation, self acceptance, self esteem, exploring defense mechanisms, exploring emotions, learning emotive vocabulary, identifying others' emotions based on body language, and role play. At my agency, we have a stocked art closet. This was a major pull for me and...[ read more ]

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