Power Cards: For Those Who Need Powerful Reminders in the Panic

I learned about this amazing new creative task that can be utilized in the counseling session- but also done solo at the kitchen table. 1. What are your current weaknesses are mentally and how do you notice the impact physically or relationally? Where are you making thinking errors or where are you forgetting to implement deep breathing? What makes you...[ read more ]

3 Tips for Ministry Leaders + Messy Kids

boundaries mentor leaders

*This post is dedicated to leaders in any ministry that are operating out of a volunteer, part time position with limited training. Image by Haley Rude on Etsy!  My Story: I had a special relationship with a teenager while I was in college. She was witty, creative, and intelligent. She threw some half truths in her stories that kept me wondering...[ read more ]

Who Is This Person With This Wild Behavior?

One of my favorite parts of being a clinical social worker is learning the ins and outs of who my clients are beyond their presenting symptoms. I immediately know (from who referred them or the exacerbated parent) that the client may be extremely moody, aggressive or hurting themselves. But then, like peeling an onion, I am entrusted with stories of...[ read more ]

[Self Assessment] Loaded Question Broken Down Into 7 Great Temperature Gauges

When your brain is full and life is complex ... someone is bound to ask, How are you? And they will be friendly, good intentioned, genuinely wanting to know. Where do you start? I pulled these from Lara Casey's Powersheets. Each month I answer these questions before creating my goals for the month/weeks/days ahead. I encourage you to try it from...[ read more ]

My Typical Mental Health Client: Functioning, Wickedly Smart and Severely Creative

[caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="600"]          Parkwood Counseling Center                           904-725-2500x115 Jacksonville, FL 32211[/caption] The vast majority of the clients that I serve are functioning in society, wickedly smart and severely creative. I enjoy them and understand them and just receive so much from working with...[ read more ]

Who Mental Illness Affects… and Who is the Biggest Victim

Mental Health applies to everyone with a mental capacity... So it affects everyone. 1/5 Americans will suffer from a mental health condition throughout their lifetime Every American will have a family member or friend affected by mental illness The biggest victim of mental illness could arguably be children and teens. Because teenagers are "all about me". Everything revolves around "me"...[ read more ]

Weed and Feed & Repeat!

If only we could weed the garden once and throw some fertilizer down and then sit back and watch it be perfect forever! It takes ongoing tending. -Keep positive atmosphere -Journal -Keep healthy (eating, exercise) -Positive rituals (morning quite time, good hygiene) -Keep family and friends involved in process -Surround self with positive people who believe in your ability -Take...[ read more ]

Soul Feeding

[caption id="attachment_359" align="alignnone" width="800"] Parkwood Counseling Center in Jacksonville, FL 904-725-2500x115[/caption] So if we are committed to being anxious about nothing, but full of gratefulness and trust, how do we go about it? The next step in stage is to make a realistic plan. This year, my plan was to buy laracasey's power sheets, pick a word for the year...[ read more ]


Let's do a gut check! Come'on... weeding can be fun! We can be working toward our purpose and feeling.... miserable. Are you the person you want to be? You may be cranking just fine, but others in your life are dissatisfied with you. You may rationalize it away by saying they are exaggerating. You may like the feeling of being...[ read more ]

Spring Weeding Soul Feeding

This month goes out to my fellow dream chasers and hard workers that are sprinkled near and far. Be encouraged that despite the dark places we can find ourselves in - or watch our clients experience- if we are seeking the Lord's will, there is hope for all! We are coming off of the celebration of Easter, where Jesus died...[ read more ]

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