Parent Your Teen Like a Pro

Parent Your Teen Like a Pro Developmental Tasks of Teens "What's my focus here? What's the end goal?" You ask as you look at your pre teen or large use-to-be five year old. Since you asked! The end goal is for them to develop a self profile. The main developmental task is to know who they are and trust themselves. How do...[ read more ]

Do What Makes You Happy

Sounds overly simplified and almost wrong... and it is simple. But simple is not always easy! And being happy is not a vain pursuit. True happiness is found by seeking God and exploring how he made you. Remembering what brought you joy as a child and reincorporating some of that into your life now as an adult. I recently came...[ read more ]

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

How long do you think this will take? It is a great question and should be asked more frequently than it is! The good news is that you have already started by the time you are in my office for the first session and asking this question. The slightly-dissapointing-because-there-is-no-magic-wand answer is... I generally ask my clients to commit to a...[ read more ]

What to Expect During the First Session of Individual Counseling

Making the decision to come to counseling is a huge step. It is helpful to know a little of what you are walking into on that first session. The majority of the time will be spent exploring what led you to seek out therapy and what you hope to accomplish during your time in session. The process of getting to...[ read more ]

What to Expect During the First Session of Counseling for my Teen

Seeking out counseling for your children is a difficult undertaking. It is so wise and admirable to build an army of supportive, healthy adults to speak into your child’s life, but a leap of faith to select those people. There is somewhat of a sequence to the counseling process, but each family has different needs and personalities. Typically, the first...[ read more ]

What to Expect in Counseling

I love working with teens and their families. It is helpful to have a glimpse into what that work looks like in my office. Counseling looks different with different clients/populations, be it individual, couples or family. Here is a glimpse into what to expect out of counseling when you come as a family with your teenager. In working with teens...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 19

Marriage counseling, premarital counseling, therapy marriage

God is a good father. He wants us to have husbands that take good care of us. He wants us to have husbands that we are attracted to. He wants our husbands to have wives that they are attracted to. And he wants our husbands that have wives who are attracted to them. Physical touch and attraction are (stereotypically... lets...[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 18

Marriage conference, marriage therapy, divorce, break up, separation

Homework: Make a list of the strengths of your husband. Our brains LOVE auto pilot. If we think similar thoughts consistently, there becomes a railroad track where the train can just go on auto pilot through those similar thoughts with very little effort from you, and you reap all of the consequences. If they are good thoughts- good, positive vibes....[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 17

Accept God's Game Plan

God's game plan is to put God first, then your husband and then your children. Our biggest take away from this is that children find their stability and ultimate firm identity in the steady love between their parents. We were new parents, totally devoted to our little chicklette, but we have definitely kissed and hugged more with this wisdom in mind....[ read more ]

A Counselor at a Marriage Conference- Lesson 16

  This was a such a sweet take away for me at the time when we attended the marriage conference. I was in a place - new mom to a 4 month old, breast feeding, getting a private practice off the ground, and getting used to being home most days, surrounded by the housework that I was trying not to...[ read more ]

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