Let’s Get Focused in 3 Steps!

Counseling Staying focused time management work life balance

Getting organized: Let's Get Focused in 3 Steps! Are you Planner Happy?? Maybe you love having your planner and organizing your week with to do lists. You might even go a little crazy with it like putting "take a shower" and "put away clothes" on your to do list. Hey, that’s part of what you’re going do that day. If...[ read more ]

See How Easy It Is To Have Good Time Management

Scheduling for self care and purpose

See How Easy it is to Have Good Time Management How to manage your time: Freshman In College There are only so many hours in a day and so many things we would like to do. It feels like when you make room for something (ie. clean eating) then something else (like, exercise) gets pushed off the table. How do...[ read more ]

Power Cards: For Those Who Need Powerful Reminders in the Panic

I learned about this amazing new creative task that can be utilized in the counseling session- but also done solo at the kitchen table. 1. What are your current weaknesses are mentally and how do you notice the impact physically or relationally? Where are you making thinking errors or where are you forgetting to implement deep breathing? What makes you...[ read more ]

[Self Assessment] Loaded Question Broken Down Into 7 Great Temperature Gauges

When your brain is full and life is complex ... someone is bound to ask, How are you? And they will be friendly, good intentioned, genuinely wanting to know. Where do you start? I pulled these from Lara Casey's Powersheets. Each month I answer these questions before creating my goals for the month/weeks/days ahead. I encourage you to try it from...[ read more ]

Follow March Recharge on Facebook!

Follow March Recharge the Challenge on Facebook! The purpose of this challenge is to encourage women to make their well being a priority. How easy is it to feel overburdened and become bitter without ever verbalizing the need for or initiating the scheduling of time for yourself?? So let's make it happen! [caption id="attachment_334" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Planning March Recharge[/caption] Here...[ read more ]

Goal Oriented Treatment

How we all have the tendency to compare ourselves to others and think we are "no good", "a burden to others", or "could do better"? Some struggle with this more than others. Here are some examples: ...not pretty enough. ...not easy going enough. ...not cool enough. ...not smart enough. ...not organized enough. I use Goal Oriented Treatment to help my...[ read more ]

Baby Steps, People!

We don't like change. We don't change easily. Everything worth anything takes time. I illustrate this in a painstaking, they probably want to kill me, kind of way! I stand up and start shuffling my feet toward a specific marker in the room. I explain that they have been making progress by complying with recommendations and changing "X, Y, and...[ read more ]

Behavior Modification- Visualize

Positive parenting skills utilize the reward for acceptable behavior instead of the "I'll getcha!" game of catching your child doing wrong. To give the positive parenting double power, make a visual aid! As a clinician's secret, this visual aid helps the parents more than the child. It reminds everyone to do their part (the child of the behavior expectation and...[ read more ]

Collages- Dream Board

As was mentioned early in the blog, cultivating creativity means saying YES! A dream board is the perfect opportunity to help cultivate creativity in your client. Cultivating creativity is synonymous with giving your client their power back, building their self confidence, and helping them develop their identity. All of these are important for the healthy development of children and adolescents....[ read more ]

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