Tips from a Teacher: Prevention over Intervention

Prevention over Intervention is a go to mantra for work with children who have explosive responses to change and stress. Create a routine that meets their needs for rest, water, food and stimulation (physical and mental). This looks different for every child. Have a routine discipline strategy that you utilize when you need to pull the adult card and train...[ read more ]

123 Magic and Emotional Regulation

We just recently started our second free workshop series on the 123 Magic positive discipline technique. I was excited by the space the technique allows for the child to really LEARN to regulate themselves. Here is a peak into how it works... When you are utilizing the counting strategy that 123 Magic teaches, and doing it by-the-book, it sounds like:...[ read more ]

Tips from a Teacher: Modeling Emotional Regulation + Explosive Kids

What if you just have a generally normal kid who sometimes gets emotional (be it sad, withdrawn, angry, or frustrated). How can I help guide them in the right direction? Your behavior is going to have the longest lasting impact on your child. How do you self soothe? Do you smoke a cigarette, call a friend, cry? Eat ice cream,...[ read more ]

Teaching Emotional Vocabulary

Often when I initially meet with a child, I explore their emotional vocabulary. I may refer to my chart of emotions (do you have one in your classroom/home? ) or my flip book with emotions. I will ask them to share social stories  related to each emotion. Ex: what kind of things make you feel sad… happy… angry… frustrated… In these...[ read more ]

Tips from a Teacher: The Importance of Nurturing In the Classroom

A healthy nurturing relationship is so important for working with your child at home on regulating their emotions. Occasionally I will meet a child who turns their anger and explosiveness inwards. This can look like a child that attempts to control their environment or seek out attention in more subtle ways. They may refuse to speak, hold in their bowels...[ read more ]

How to Help Kids Relax

Here are some of the go-to's and hottest trends in relaxation techniques for kids 1-99. Latest research in secular world is acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness + self compassion. There are also tremendous benefits from your faith and belonging to a faith community. A place to get away and compose themselves. Katie, from Tips from a Teacher, mentions Chillville. Here are some...[ read more ]

Tips from a Teacher: Helping Kids Learn to Relax

What is our role in helping kids soothe? Every kid is different! We all have strong points and weak points. There are many opinions about this at every age. I wanted to reach out to some people in my life who have had a lot of experience and have seen what works and what does not work. We are jumping...[ read more ]

What is Emotional Regulation?

What emotional regulation is NOT... The big example of a dysregulated child is a child who is violent. In school this looks like destroying a classroom, turning over desks, punching holes in the walls, throwing objects, and attempting to hurt people. In the home, the behavior may come out toward parents or siblings, against the physical peace of the home...[ read more ]

Tips from a Teacher: Introducing Emotional Regulation

Welcome to Tips from a Teacher! Each Week, we will be sharing more from our interview with Katie, an art and science teacher with Kipp Voice Elementary School. We are starting the month off exploring the need Katie's students have for emotional regulation. Stay tuned for answers to all of our questions! Emily: Okay so the topic is emotional regulation...[ read more ]

Introducing Tips from a Teacher

During the month of March, you are going to meet Katie and get to know her amazing ability to help students 4-4th grade regulate their emotions. She is an art/science teacher, here in Jacksonville, FL, at KIPP VOICE Elementary School. Katie hosts 7 classes (of about 25 students) each day. She sees the entire school body in the week and some...[ read more ]

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