Who Else Wants a Teenager With Strong Self Esteem?

Who Else Wants a Teenager With Strong Self Esteem?

Strong Self Esteem in Teenagers

A teen who knows themselves is such a delight!


1. Understand “Identity Formation versus Role Confusion“. This is the stage of development for ages 13-18.
2. Your teenager is not a mini-me. Reality is that your teenager is a person with their own ideas and temperament. Get to know them.
3. Allow them to fail. If they know they should not disappoint you (or else), they will also feel this way about failure. They will not try new things. They will not figure out what they are good at. Let them fall. Let them fail. Keep them alive, though, Duh!
4. What is that quote about geniuses? We are all geniuses? If they keep trying a skill and it is not their talent, help them to recognize other strengths! Instill in them a strong sense of who they are. This includes strengths and weaknesses. They cannot be everything for everybody.
5. Help them to see what they have passions for and sift out those things that light them up. What comes easily to them? Be careful here that it is them who lights up and not you!
6. Begin communication: Be curious, not judgmental. Ask questions, but not too many questions. 
7. Instigate exploration. You can help your teenagers see what it is you value and explore with them what values are important to them. Explore the different parts that create an identity and try not to get too stuck on any one thing. Examples include Spirituality, Physical Appearance, Athleticism, Intellectual Ability, Character, Diet, Sense of Humor, Leadership, Cohesiveness with others, etc.
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