How to Help Kids Relax

March_Blog_Post_2_Helping_Kids_To_Relax Here are some of the go-to's and hottest trends in relaxation techniques for kids 1-99. Latest research in secular world is acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness + self compassion. There are also tremendous benefits from your faith and belonging to a faith community. A place to get away and compose themselves. Katie, from Tips from a Teacher, mentions Chillville. Here are some other educators that use chillville and some of their creative resources. Peaceful Spot I love this teacher's use of the egg chair, YOGA poster! and home made feelings poster. I love the name "thoughtful spot".   Which leads me to using Yoga techniques in the classroom (or therapy office), playfully. Teaching your kids to stretch their body in ways that feels good to them. Could go through the yoga poster and have each kid "pick their favorite stretch". Learning how to relax your muscles. When you can relax your body you can relax your mind. Check out this progressive muscle relaxation script for kids for a great description of what it is, who it works for and an example. Grounding techniques... Here is a fun yoga teacher leading us through the metaphor of being grounded like a mountain.  And here is an image from pinterest for us adults on grounding ourselves in the moment. Grounded Have a protocol in your classroom to recommend when your kiddos are not regulated or to encourage preventing chaos- stretching, deep breathing, grounding during transitions or before a test, after lunch.   Hope you enjoyed this list and the links! I am always here to help... Emily