2 Remedies for Mild Anxiety

2 Remedies for Mild Anxiety

A day in the life of a mom with a two year old, private practice, marriage and home. I’ll just fast forward the details and say that by the middle of the day (if not sooner) I am thinking, “how am I going to get it all done?” Now, I am a doer for the most part and love proving to myself just how much I can cram into 24 hours. This leaves me feeling… completely cranky. Let there not be anything that falls apart… or else.

This time we are allotted is to be used wisely. And that is the difficult question: what does wisely mean? In the daily, moment by moment context, humility is defined (in my own words) as recognizing that things do not have to be as they are. They could be worse. I do not deserve anything.

Remedy #1 Humility in the moment

Humility in the moment allows me to realize that my reality likely has some very amazing things to behold. Humility in the moment allows me to recognize that each moment contains a gift of some sort. Each moment is a message from God; a message that he loves me. Humility in the moment allows you to slow down time.

Remedy #2 Kindness toward myself and others

Last year, a theme that came up over and over again was to “Love More [than they love me]”. I find myself battling this as 2017 begins. It is a subconscious thought that comes to be, but if I bring it to the surface, the concise version of it is that of, “Maybe they just aren’t that into me and I look foolish.” These thoughts are products of anxiety and will ultimately end in me isolating myself from others and not living out my purpose.

The remedy for this anxiety would be to set out to practice kindness 5 times today. These would be planned, intentional acts. I also want to be diligent to be slow and take in the needs of those around me so that I can offer kindness in spontaneous ways.

If you try this, you will notice the impact this has on your physical being.

There is also an element of kindness to ourselves that anxiety will choke out if we allow it to. To remedy this “anger turned inward”, begin planning small rewards into your day and speaking to yourself as a sweet, encouraging friend would.

***I just have to have a disclaimer here, because I am speaking to the general anxiety that tends to pump through our materialistic, people-pleasing, self-promoting and entitled blood. If you are struggling with panic attacks, phobias and other symptoms that keep you from daily activities, please make an appointment with a licensed professional to allow today to be the day you are kind to yourself and begin to heal.

And if you need me, I’m here to listen!



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